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It is very important for our clients to consider their wishes and the needs of the job before starting the production of uniforms. Therefore, we get to know our valued clients much more closely at the meeting stage and we offer focused solutions.

Foresight and Planning

There are many different variables in textile sector like pricing, supply, fabric etc. For this reason, a meticulous planning process is indispensable before the production process. We meticulously plan the whole process that starts the production of uniforms, and we promise our clients a holistic process.

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Material Knowledge and Production

Thanks to our 38 years of knowledge, we are familiar with the production process and all the materials used. By this means, we not only minimize the margin of error in the production process, but also reach the most suitable result for client requests.

Process Calendar

It is very important to be meticulous in the planning phase in terms of adhering to the process calendar. We create our deadlines because of this plan. We focus on working the process calendar and deadlines

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We offer a fast and reliable delivery process for our clients operating both domestically and abroad. We are constantly expanding our distribution network thanks to both our own delivery vehicles and our business partners on the logistics side.

After Sale

We manage the stages from the beginning to the end of the process in the most professional way. The process does not end after distribution. We fulfil the needs of clients that may arise after sales and offer a sustainable partnership to our clients.

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